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Roblox Caliber Gun Demo GUI Script gameplay

Caliber Gun Demo GUI Features

Infinite Ammo

This feature will ensure your weapon is always fully loaded. Even as you fire, you will never run out of bullets. It is very convenient as it will let you beat your enemies conveniently. The ammo will automatically be loaded into your inventory, and you won’t have to spend additional coins getting ammo.

No Recoil

When firing, recoils will take your aim off and can even cause delays. This feature will eliminate any recoil from our weapons, allowing you to fire continuously. This will ensure you don’t have to readjust your aim after every shot, making you more accurate. It will also prevent any delays when facing your enemies.

High Damage

This feature lets you inflict maximum damage to your enemies with every shot you fire. You will beat them easily, and it will take fewer bullets to take down huge mobs. This is very convenient as it will let you get the maximum benefit from your weapon. It will also assist you in advancing faster through the levels of the game.

Rapid Fire

This feature lets you fire your weapon continuously without having to wait for cooldowns. This is very important when you are facing huge mobs. It makes you efficient, and you will need a shorter time to take your enemies down. It also prevents any delays.

Gun Mods

This feature unlocks all the guns in the game. You will have a full arsenal, and you can use them whenever you find necessary. This will ensure you always have a powerful weapon and help you advance through the game levels faster. It will also make the game more interesting and immersive.