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Roblox Mad City GUI Script

Mad City GUI Features

Infinite Ammo

This feature will let you have all the ammo you need while playing the game. You will have all the ammo in your inventory, and you can fire your weapons without having to worry that the bullets will run out.

With infinite ammo, you also won’t have to spend your money buying them. You can thus use the money for other activities. The ammo will be automatically reloaded into your weapon, allowing you to fire continuously without experiencing any delays. It is very reliable when taking down enemies.

Infinite Money

This feature will add more money to your inventory whenever needed. It lets you make edits, and you can input the amount you want, and it will be immediately added to your account.

This feature lets you acquire vital items that will ensure you have a smooth playing experience. You can make upgrades or get new weapons without worrying about your money running out. This is very convenient and reliable to have.

Instant Rob

If you are playing as a robber, this feature will assist you in making robberies more efficient. Once configured, you can instantaneously rob huge amounts, and they will be added to your inventory. You won’t have to go through the hassle of trying to escape from cops. This feature will ensure you always have enough money in your inventory for all the activities you want to engage in. It is very reliable and convenient.

Auto XP

This feature will add more XP points to your character. You will have better stats in the game, making your player better and more efficient. This feature will also let you rank higher in the game, making the game more interesting for you.

Dog XP

One of the entertaining aspects of this game is that you get a dog companion. As a cop, you will get the dog free. When playing like a criminal, you won’t have to pay as the script will also give you the dog free. You can thus use the money saved for other activities.

Your dog will also get additional skill points that will make it more efficient in gameplay. It will help you make escapes or capture robbers, and you can thus ascend through the game levels easily.