Roblox AoT: InsertPlayground GUI Script

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Roblox AoT: InsertPlayground GUI Script gameplay

AoT: InsertPlayground GUI Features

Kill All Titans

This feature will let you take out all titans instantly. Once activated, all your enemies will die automatically, allowing you to advance through the game without any challenges. This is a very reliable feature when you have to battle huge mobs.

Grab Gear

This feature will give you all the important gear you need for smooth gameplay. You can choose between the standard and advanced gear depending on the gaming experience you want to have. With the right gear, your character will become more efficient and take out enemies better. Your defense will also improve drastically. You won’t have to spend time looking through the map for these gears.

Transparent walls and Trees

If you prefer to move through the map uninterrupted, this feature is for you. It will make all the trees and walls anywhere on the map transparent, allowing you to see where enemies might be hiding. This will let you plan your attacks better and launch better defenses.

Instant Health

This feature will ensure that the health of your player is always full. When enemies attack you, the health will automatically regenerate, making you immortal. This feature lets you play the game better without worrying about dying in the middle of your gameplay. It also makes it very interesting.

Infinite Gold and Skill Points

This feature will add all the gold you need into your inventory. You will not have to spend time searching or winning gold through battles. This will let you upgrade the important aspects of your game and make it better. You will also get infinite skill points. These will make your character better and improve your ranking significantly.