Roblox Neighborhood War GUI Script

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Roblox Neighborhood war GUI Script gameplay

Neighborhood War GUI Features

Silent Aim

This feature lets you take the perfect aim against your enemies without alerting them. The silent aim ensures you have all the time you need to take your aim and fire your shots. This will let you take down your rivals after ad easily.

Weapon Ability

This feature will equip you with the best weapons. They will reload faster and have improved accuracy. The weapons will also cause more damage than others, allowing you to inflict more damage whenever you fire at your enemies. This is very reliable when you have to battle huge groups.


This feature will make your character significantly faster compared to everyone else in the game. Your entire gameplay will speed up relative to your enemies, allowing you to launch attacks better or defend yourself more efficiently. The feature will also allow you to complete the game faster and easier.

No Jump Cooldown

This feature will allow your character to move around on the map more efficiently. With no jump cooldown, you can get to different areas on the map without your character experiencing fatigue or your energy levels running low.

Removes Damage

This feature will make you resistant to any damage that you encounter while you play the game. Your health bar will always be full, and you don’t have to worry about it rubbing out while you are still playing the game. This feature will help you advance through the game levels without having to repeat them over and over.