Roblox Energy Assault GUI Script

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Roblox Energy Assault GUI Script gameplay

Energy Assault GUI Features

God Mode

This feature will make your character invisible. You will withstand enemy bullets throughout the game. When you are shot at, your life bar will remain full, allowing you to complete every mission without dying. This will save you the time you would have used repeating these missions. It also adds many more abilities to your character that will make your gaming experience more entertaining.


This feature will unlock all the guns in the game. You will not have to buy them or complete different levels to get access. This lets you have all the latest and most effective guns as you face your enemies. It makes it easier to beat them and advance through the game. These guns will be added to your inventory.

Auto Aim

This feature will allow you to automatically aim at your opponents. It will identify their weakest spots and fire at them. This ensures every shot you take will count towards bringing them down. Your accuracy ratings will also increase, making you a better player. The feature also lets you launch better attacks.

Kill All

This feature will automatically kill all your opponents in the game. With no one to challenge you, you can complete the missions easily and take all the rewards. This will help to increase your ranking and makes you an even better player.

Freeze Timer

This feature helps to stop the timer from running. Once it is stopped, you can play the game at your own pace. This lets you enjoy the game even more and makes it more immersive. You can travel through the entire game map without worrying you will run out of time.