Roblox Tower Of Hell GUI Script

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Roblox Tower Of Hell GUI Script
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Script Features

Get All Tools

Having tools in this game is very important. It will help you advance through the levels conveniently and beat all your rivals easily. When it is configured, it will unlock and give you access to all the tools in the game. They will get automatically added to your inventory, and you can use them whenever needed.

The feature will also upgrade your tools regularly, ensuring they always remain effective and reliable to use. This feature will significantly improve your gameplay and make the entire game more interesting and easier to play.

God Mode

This feature will give your character impressive abilities once activated. They will come together to make the game more interesting, and you can do some other activities that the developer previously didn’t include.

The first and most notable ability is no damage. This will prevent your player from sustaining any injuries when they fall from heights or encounter other life-threatening obstacles. It makes you immortal, and you can keep playing the game continuously for as long as you want to. While in god mode, you can outperform all other players, and you will be ranked higher in the game.

Go to The End

If you don’t want to go through all the game obstacles, this feature allows you to skip it all and just go to the end. It will let you complete the level and assign you full points for playing. This feature allows you to skip levels that you aren’t interested in without losing your vital points. It will be assumed you had played the entire level when all you did was skip to the end.

This feature is also very reliable when you want to emerge in front of all your fellow players. It will keep you ahead in the game.