Roblox Natural Disaster Survival GUI Script Script

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Roblox Natural Disaster Survival GUI Script gameplay

Natural Disaster Survival GUI Script Features

Removes Fall Damage

Your character can jump from high places without sustaining any damages. The health bar will remain full. Allowing you to keep jumping for as long as you have to. You can also play the game for longer without your health draining or dying before you complete a level.

Infinite Jumps

This feature lets you perform infinite jumps throughout the map. It is not only a great way to get around but is also convenient when escaping from danger. Your character’s energy will remain full throughout these jumps, allowing you to get the best from them.

Auto Farm

This feature lets you collect resources from all over the map. Once the script is running, your character will scan the map and identify places with resources. They will mine them and add these resources to your inventory. This allows you to spend them without worrying they will run out.

Display Next Disaster

This feature will let you know about the upcoming disaster so that you can plan yourself better. This is important as you get to know what to stock up on and other important requirements. It will save you from dying thanks to these disasters.


It lets you teleport from one area of the map to another that is safer from disasters. This is also a great way to travel around the map as it is fast and you won’t have to encounter any obstacles.

Auto Wins

This will help you win your games by surviving through different disasters such as blizzards, acid rains, and more. You can thus advance through the game faster.