Roblox Mortem Metallum GUI Script

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Mortem Metallum GUI Script
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Mortem Metallum GUI Features

Infinite Sprint

This feature will let your player sprint from different places on the map without getting fatigued. This will be reliable in getting places faster and will help you gather resources easily. It will also come in handy when you escape from your enemies. Your player will keep scripting for as long as you need them to.

Kill Aura

This feature lets you battle your enemies better. When configured, the feature will prevent your enemies from launching attacks against you. With their lack of aura, you can battle them more efficiently, and you are assured of winning all your encounters. This feature is very reliable when facing many or stronger opponents. It will assist you in progressing through the game more efficiently.

Anti Hit

This feature will keep you safe from the attacks of your enemies. The anti-hit feature will prevent you from sustaining any damages whenever enemies hit you. The hits will be ignored, and your health bar will always remain full. This will help you play the game without worrying about your player dying in the course of gameplay. It is very reliable and will allow you to defeat all your enemies easily.

Infinite Jumps

Jumps are a great way to get around or escape your enemies. This feature will let you perform infinite jumps without your player sustaining any damage or running out of stamina. You can jump for as long as you need to, and your player will remain fine. This feature will help you play the game more efficiently and allow you to enjoy the game more.

Silent Aim

This feature allows you to take accurate aims against your enemies without alerting them. You can take all the time you need while planning your attacks, enduring them very accurately and effectively once you carry them out. This will allow you to inflict more damage against your enemies.