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Medieval Warfare Kill Aura Script
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Kill Aura

This script has been specifically created to help you in handling your enemies and other competition. When you configure it, it will make all your enemies unable to launch their attacks. They will become immobile, and you can safely carry on with the game. This feature is very reliable when you are facing a huge mob or more powerful bosses.

By preventing them from attacking you, you can take all the time you need in coming up with ways to defeat them, or you could just attack them head-on and take them down. This feature assures you that your character will never die while you play the game. You can thus complete all the levels in the game without having to repeat them over and over.

This feature will also save you time by drastically reducing the time you spend on launching attacks or defending yourself from rivals. You can convert this into more meaningful and entertaining game activities. This is a very convenient script to have.