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Wisteria Money Farm and Auto Fish
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Wisteria Script Features

Money Farm

Having enough money while playing this game is crucial for your advancement through the levels. To get enough money, you will have to play the game for many hours and beat many quests and challenges.

One might not have all that time, and this is where this script comes in. It will assist you in getting as much money as you need for the game.

Once configured, it will scan the entire game, identify places with money to pick up. It will collect these and add them to your inventory. If the money is only available after beating different quests, it will play the game for you, complete the quests and gather the monetary rewards.

In a short time, you will have all the money you need while playing the game. You can use this for developing your player or making different game upgrades. You won’t have to worry about your player’s money running out as you play, as you can always farm for more. The feature will keep running and farming for money until you configure it to stop. It is very reliable, easy to configure, and will give you many hours of repetitive gameplay.

Infinite Spins

This feature will allow you to make as many spins as you need. You won’t have to wait for cooldowns or for spins to recharge. This will allow you to find and collect more resources in a shorter time. The feature will also allow you to enjoy the game more, and you can get a new perspective on it. You will thus be glued to your screen as you play the game.


This feature allows you to customize the game however you want. You can change some of the aspects such as background appearances, light intensities, and many more. This lets you personalize the game more, and you can enjoy it significantly. These themes can be changed whenever you need to and will improve your visibility and the entire game. It will become more immersive.

Infinite Modes

This feature will initiate an infinite mode where most of your items and stats will keep increasing as you carry on with the game. These alterations will make your players better and more effective. It will allow you to personalize the game more and make it interesting. You will always have new perspectives in the game.