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Booga booga script auto pickup
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When playing the game, the process of picking up items can be very repetitive and tiresome. It will hold you back from experiencing the game’s great features, and it will highly minimize your gameplay.

This script will assist you with this. It has been created to specifically assist in picking up items from around the map and all around you. Since the game has a huge map and many places to adventure to, you might be unable to find some of the items around you. This script will ensure you never miss anything.

Some of the items it will assist you to automatically pick up include dropped armor by your rivals, exp, tools, and many others. These items will be added to your inventory automatically, and in a short while, you will have all the items you need to play the game and have fun.

This script will ensure your player is well equipped for any situation you encounter in the game. The feature will also assist in keeping you ahead of your competition, ensuring you gather more points than them and that your player is better. These are important features to ensure a great gaming experience.