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World of magic gui script hack
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Script Features

God Mode

This feature will give your player the best abilities to play the game conveniently. When in god mode, you can experience the game in a new way. These abilities will make you a more efficient player and will let you achieve more objectives in a shorter time or just adventure through the game. One of these abilities is being immune to falls. Your player will remain alive even after you fall from heights or encounter enemies. God mode lets you defeat any obstacle in the game.

Kill Aura

This feature lets you battle your enemies better. When configured, the feature will prevent your enemies from launching attacks against you. With their lack of aura, you can battle them more efficiently, and you are assured of winning all your encounters. This feature is very reliable when facing many or stronger opponents. It will assist you in progressing through the game more efficiently.

Chest Farm

This feature will help you locate different chests located throughout the map. It will scan it and identify them. It will find them and if there are quests involved, complete them. You also won’t have to get keys to open these chests as the feature will help with this. It will ensure you have all the chests and get the numerous impressive rewards they contain. This will help you gather important resources in a shorter time.


Completing quests without getting detected by enemies is a convenient and reliable way to do them fast and easily. One of the ways to do this is through this invisibility feature. It will make your player invisible to all other NPCs, and you can move without getting detected. This is a very reliable way of completing your missions without encountering any opposition. It will help you get through the game faster and conveniently.


This feature offers you a great way to move around. Unlike walking, you won’t have to go through various obstacles or encounter rivals as you move. It lets you teleport from where you are to any place on the map. All you have to do is select from the list containing all the destinations and activating it. It will take you where you need to go instantly. This feature lets you get to resources before your rivals do, and you are assured of always having the best items.