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Roblox Da Hood GUI Script gameplay

Da Hood GUI Features

Infinite Stamina

This feature lets your character move all across the map. You will not run out of stamina and need rest or slow down. This will help you get away from cops If you are playing as a robber or let you catch up with robbers when playing as a cop. Your character will become more efficient.

God Mode

This feature will give you heightened abilities unlike any other character in the game. Your abilities include withstanding falls and damages. Your life bar will remain full throughout the game, allowing you to complete your missions. You will not have to repeat them from the beginning because you died. Another ability is infinite jumps. You can jump to anywhere on the map conveniently. It is a great way to get around and escape your enemies.

Anti KO

This feature will prevent your character from sustaining any hits, regardless of how strong the enemy you face is. You will always have a foot in the game, and it will help you advance faster through the levels.

Auto Farm

This feature lets you gather important resources easily. You can farm them from anywhere on the map conveniently. Once this feature is activated, items will be added to your inventory, and you can use them however you want. This will make your gaming experience better and more entertaining.


This feature lets you teleport to any point on the map where money has been dropped. It will scan the entire map consistently, and when some money comes up, you will get there immediately. This lets you accumulate more money in a shorter time.