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Bloxburg auto work and farm script
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Auto Farm

Having an infinite supply of money as you play this game is very convenient. Money lets you accomplish most of your objectives easily and in a shorter time. With the help of this script, you will have all the money you need in the game.

Once you configure it, it will immediately start generating infinite amounts of money for you, and your count will keep increasing as you carry on with the game. Whenever you spend any amount, it will get automatically regenerated and added back into your account. In a short while, you will have all the money you need in the game.

You can use the money to build structures that will be necessary for your gameplay. This feature lets you advance in the game greatly, and you can equip yourself well for any eventuality you encounter in the game.

The simple menu on this script allows you to activate and deactivate the feature conveniently. Once it begins farming, the script will carry on even when your inventory is full, and it will keep adding more and more money and items to it. You have to reconfigure it to stop it from auto-generating these items.