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Mining Simulator GUI Script
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Instant Mine

This is a very reliable feature that will save you many hours of repetitive mining as you play this game. The script will allow you to find places with gold, and it will automatically mine them for you.

You won’t have to spend a long time prospecting as it will take you to the exact places these gold deposits are. In a short time, you will have added more gold to your inventory. You can use this gold for a wide range of purposes. It will also help you increase your ranking among other players.

Fast Mine

This feature will let you mine for everything available on the map. It will also perform fast mining, allowing you to get to these valuables before other players do.

In a short while, you will accumulate more valuables than all other players, and you will also have a wider range of items in your inventory. This feature will perform better and faster than you would on normal gameplay, making it very reliable to have.

Auto Sell

If you have too many items in your inventory or full, one of the ways to offload these is by selling. To do this, you will have to find a willing buyer for your items. This can take quite a while, and this script will assist you with that. It will ensure you always have a ready market for all the items you want to sell, saving you time.

It will also ensure you always get the best prices. Thus, you can use these amounts to get other more valuable items, upgrade your player costumes and tools, or make any other necessary changes. It is a very reliable feature for your gameplay.

Auto Tools

Having the best tools will make mining easy for your player, and this script will ensure you always have that. It will give you access to all the tools in the game, and you can choose whichever you find more efficient.

You can also make all the upgrades you need to your tools, making them even more effective. This will let you get more minerals, and your mining will be more fruitful.

Auto Backpack

This feature will give you extra storage for all the gold and minerals you mine. It will never get full, and you will always have more space for items in your inventory.

This feature is very reliable as it will ensure you always have space for the new items you get. You can thus carry on playing the game, selling and buying new items whenever you need to. You will never have to leave anything behind.

Auto Rebirth

This feature ensures you never have to worry about your player dying in the middle of the game. Since this will interfere with your gameplay and might make you lose some of your valuables, the script will save you from that.

Once you have configured it, your player will be automatically rebirthed whenever you sustain fall damage.

You will retain all the items and gold you had already collected, and it will let you carry on with the game. It is very reliable and offers convenience in gameplay.