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World Zero GUI Features

Kill Aura

This feature allows you to prevent your enemies from launching their attacks. They will stand by as you carry on with the game, and it will be as though you are invisible to them.

This will let you launch your attacks conveniently, and you will defeat them easily. You can thus advance through the game without having to worry about them killing you mid missions. This is very reliable in advancing in the game.

Pickup Magnet

This feature will give you pick up abilities that will let you collect coins all around the map conveniently. Whenever you pass at any location, these coins will be added to your inventory, and the amounts will add up faster and significantly. You can thus play the game without having to worry about collecting fewer coins.


This feature will give you the best way to move around on the map. Through teleportation, you can get to places faster and conveniently. This will save you from having to battle enemies or encountering obstacles. It also offers a great way to get to where resources are faster. It will offer you great convenience.

Aura chests

This feature will allow you to find and open aura chests that are distributed all around the map. These will add more energy to your player, and they will become more efficient in countering enemies and the overall gameplay. You won’t need to find keys, giving you access to all the chests in the game.