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Roblox Work at Pizza Place Script gameplay

Work at Pizza Place Features

Auto Farm

This feature lets you farm for all the necessary resources you need for a smooth gaming experience. There are lots of vital items you can farm. These include recipes for your pizza and others that will let you play the game more efficiently.

The auto farm feature will ensure you have all the resources you need in a shorter time. You can thus advance through the game easily and more conveniently.


This feature will unlock all the music in the game and allow you to play them. As you continue creating pizza and taking orders, the music will make your gaming experience more entertaining and immersive. You can shuffle between the hundreds of songs available to choose from. This feature lets you have an even better experience with the game.

Auto Order

With this feature, you will not have to wait for other NPCs to come and order your pizza as it is made. The feature lets you automate all your orders, ensuring you always have a ready demand for all the pizzas you make. This will ensure you sell more and bring in more revenues to the game.

Auto Upgrades

This feature lets you upgrade your house automatically. You won’t have to spend many hours looking for coins to make upgrades to your house. When this feature is applied, your house will immediately include all the features you select on to it. It will save you time and allows you to focus on the interesting parts I the game.

More Earnings

This feature will let you get more earnings with every food delivery you fulfill. It will ensure you take less time to accomplish your objectives. You can use these earnings on all the necessary activities in the game, such as making upgrades without worrying that it will run out.