Roblox Square Piece GUI Script

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Roblox Square Piece GUI Script
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Script Features

Unlock States

This feature will allow you to enjoy the game more by unlocking all the states. It will allow you to play the game in any order you want to, and you can complete the game at your convenience. This feature will give you more control and will give you a bigger game world to play in.

Auto Farm

This feature will ensure your inventory is filled with all the necessary items you need for a smooth gaming experience. It will look for fundamental items to your gameplay and add them to your inventory. This will ensure you have the right items to handle any event that arises in the game.

With enough items loaded into your inventory, you will also save a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent scouting the map for these items. You can now focus on the interesting aspects of the game while helping you with this repetitive task.

Auto Hit

This reliable feature will let you win battles easily by helping you deliver hits to your rivals. The auto hit feature lets you decrease your enemy’s life more significantly with every hit, ensuring that they die in a shorter time. You can thus carry on with playing the game for a longer and more consistent time.

Auto Equip

This feature will let you equip your player with some of the best tools and items in the game. Once the script is configured and the feature activated, your player will be fully equipped as every level begins. This will assist you in becoming more effective as you play, and you can achieve more objectives. The feature will also ensure you don’t spend many hours looking for the right equipment before beginning the game.

Auto Farm Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits, popularly known as DFs, are one of the staple items in the game. They will help your character have full health and heightened abilities to make you more efficient and your gameplay more interesting. This feature will help you find devil fruits on the map. It will scan it and gather them into your inventory from wherever they are. This will make you more efficient as you play the game, and you will have better abilities than other players. It is a very reliable feature to have.

Ship Builder

This feature will help you in constructing your ships. You won’t need to have any skills or unlock certain materials for the construction to take place. The feature will let you put all items together and come up with a well-functioning ad strong ship. You can use it to get from one island to another without worrying about sinking.