Roblox OP Teen Titans Battlegrounds Script

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OP teen titans battleground
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Script Features

Auto Farm

This feature lets you farm for valuables that will be essential in playing the game. You won’t have to play through the game levels to get these items. Through farming for them, they will be automatically loaded into your inventory. It allows you to set the farming level you need.

Once you have configured it, the feature will keep running and accumulating more items into your account. In a short while, you will have everything you need for a smooth gaming experience.

Auto EXP

This feature will allow you to edit the exp level of your player. You can add as much game experience as you need. This will allow you to rank higher in the game and accomplish more objectives while playing. With high exp, your player will also gain additional abilities to make them more effective and help you surpass other rivals.

Mastery farm

Mastery skills will help you determine your level of expertise in the game. These are usually hard points to get, and you will have to play the game and beat the different levels to get these points.

This feature will, however, let you unlock these mastery points from the game. You can edit them and add to yourself all the points you want. Thus, your player will become a master in the game, and various aspects such as accuracy and skills will improve greatly.


This feature offers you a great way to move around. Unlike walking, you won’t have to go through various obstacles or encounter rivals as you move. It lets you teleport from where you are to any place on the map. All you have to do is select from the list containing all the destinations and activating it. It will take you where you need to go instantly. This feature lets you get to resources before your rivals do, and you are assured of always having the best items.

Auto Stats

With this feature, you won’t have to play the game for many hours to gather important stats. It will let you edit different stat points for your player, making you better and increasing your overall ranking in the game. Some of the stats you can change include sword stats, melee stats, and many more. This lets you remain ahead while still saving many hours that you can use by playing other interesting aspects.


This feature will equip your arsenal with all the weapons in the game. You won’t have to spend any amount to get these items. You can thus interchange your weapons throughout your gameplay. This will allow you to get more perspectives of the game and easily beat your enemies.