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Roblox Find the "One Piece" Online Rebirth

One Piece Online Rebirth Features

Teleport to Devil Fruit

This feature will allow your character to gather devil fruits easily throughout the map. Once activated, the script will scan the map and identify places with these devil fruits.

You won’t have to travel there as you will be automatically teleported to these locations. This is very convenient. These DF will give you supernatural abilities and will make your gaming experience better. Your character will become more efficient than competitors, allowing you to rise through the game levels easily and faster.

Infinite Money

This feature will add more money to your profile. You won’t have to play the game for long hours to have this vital resource. With enough money, you can play the game better and get all the tools and upgrades you want for your character.

Infinite Stats

This feature lets you modify your character stats to any number you prefer. You will have a list of the stats on the settings menu, and you can change them to any number you prefer. This will improve your game ranking and will make your character better. With higher stats, you can also achieve more from the game.

Devil Fruit Locations

This feature will show you the location of devil fruits all across the map. You thus won’t have to spend many hours scouting and looking for them. It will save you time, and with these fruits, your player will become better than other competitors. It will allow you to stay ahead of them and rank higher in this game.