Roblox Ninja Legends GUI JNXT V3 Script

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Roblox Ninja Legends GUI JNXT V3 Script
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Script Features

Auto Rank

This feature will ensure your player is ranked higher by allowing you to adjust ranks whenever you want to. This feature will ensure you are always on top of all your rivals, and you get to gather all the benefits that come with it. When you rank higher, you will also have access to more abilities and improved skills. This feature is very reliable for efficient gameplay.

Auto Buy Blades

Blades are the ultimate tools in this game. Getting the best blades is, however, difficult as they are often scarce and sold quite expensively. This feature will allow you to automatically buy any blade you need in the game.

Your coins will not matter, as these blades will be added directly into your inventory. You can use them in the game, and it will make you an even better player. With the best blades, your player will also become more effective in missions, and you can achieve more in your gameplay.

Auto Buy Belts

There are different belt levels in the game depending on the skill level you attain. Going higher can be quite challenging and will consume a lot of your time. You, however, have to advance to get different belts and improve the skills of your player.

This feature lets you buy these different belts without having to go through the entire playing stage. You can equip your player with any belt you want, and they will have the skills associated with them. This will help you become a better player, and your ranking will improve significantly.

Auto Skills

This feature will let you edit the skills for your player and make any additions you want. This will save you the many hours needed to gain these skills in the game. You can configure your player with the most convenient skills for you, and it will help you immensely in making the game more interesting and your player more effective.

With high skills, you will easily beat every level of the game and become one of the best players. You can do all this without much hassle.