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my restaurant script for Roblox
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Auto Farm

This feature will let you obtain money and XP points without having to spend a lot of time and effort playing the game. With this feature, your inventory will always be full of all the money you need in the game. It will make it easier for you to play the game as you can now make all the upgrades you need for your restaurant and even acquire new items.

The Auto farm feature will also help you add XP points to your player. This will make them more efficient in gameplay, and it will help you gather more points. The XP will also play a huge role in your ranking and will ensure you are always on top, ahead of your rivals.

Auto Buy

This feature enables you to automatically make the necessary purchases you need to make your restaurant better and more effective.

With the feature activated, you won’t need any money or other resources to get the items you need. They will be added to your restaurant and inventory whenever you need them. This feature will save you money and time you would have spent looking to purchase the items.

Remove Staff

This feature allows you to make changes to your staff depending on how effective you want them. In case one of your staff is underperforming, you can remove them and get another who will work better.

This feature will automatically monitor their performance for you and execute these changes. It will help you get more points in the game and have a higher ranking.

Customer Features

With this feature, you can make changes that will ensure your customers have a great experience. One of the ways is by kicking out unpleasant customers. This will ensure everyone else who remains in the restaurant is undisturbed and performs their duties well.

You can also spawn characters that will attract more customers and pay more such as VIPs and celebrities. This feature will ensure everyone gets a good experience and get more money and XP points faster.

NPC Control

This feature allows you to control NPCs in the game and determine how they will behave. One of the controls is setting their walking pace. You can choose to have them walk faster or sit automatically at different points on the map. This lets you personalize the game more.