Roblox King Piece GUI Script

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Roblox King Piece GUI Script

King Piece GUI Features

Auto farm

This feature allows you to automatically farm for the resources needed for the game. Since they are spread across the map, you won’t have to spend a long time looking around for them. It will gather the resources and store them in your inventory.


This feature lets you teleport to different islands on the map. You don’t have to spend a long time finding ways to get there. You will thus not have to encounter obstacles on your path, and you can move more efficiently. This is a reliable feature to have.

Auto Stats

This feature will help you improve the different stats for your character. There is a range of stats that can be edited. These include defense, where you will have the ability to amount better defenses against your enemy attacks. Another stat that can be altered is sword prowess. Your character will become better with their weapon, improving your accuracy and making you more efficient in the game. You can also alter stats for melee. These will make you a better player, and your ranking will be higher.

Power Jump

This feature will let you perform many power jumps without your energy running out. It is very reliable for moving around on the map and gathering resources.

Auto Fruits Collect

This feature lets you collect fruits from different areas on the map. Once this feature in the script is activated, fruits will be automatically collected and added to your inventory. In a short while, you will have all the fruits you need with minimal effort. It will save you time.

Walk Speed

This feature lets you determine how fast you want your character to move in the game. This feature will allow you to personalize the game and enjoy it even more.