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Jailbreak GUI v5.6
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Auto Farm

This feature will let you automatically look for different resources and other items to add to your inventory. Through farming, you won’t have to spend many hours in the game looking for essential items to make your gameplay more interesting.

You can also farm exp and add them onto your player. This will make you better and will assist you as you advance through the levels of the game.


This feature will allow you to travel to any point on the map conveniently. All you need is to configure it and select where you want to get to. This will make moving easier as you won’t encounter any obstacles. It will also ensure you get to different items fast before other competitors do. When using this feature, you won’t encounter any obstacles on your way, making it even more convenient.


This feature will make your player faster than all other characters in the game. This is very reliable as it will ensure you are always ahead of them. You will get to places and resources faster than them, and it allows you to advance through the levels in the game more efficiently.

The feature will also ensure you get to vital resources before anyone else does. This will let you have more items than all your rivals.

Infinite Jump

This feature lets you jump for as long and as high as you need to play the game. You won’t have to wait for the cooldown to continue jumping, and you can carry on for as long as you need to. This offers a great way to get to places and a reliable way to complete quests.

God Mode

This feature will give your player better and stronger abilities than all your rivals. You will become more efficient and deliver a better performance. In God mode, all your exp will be full, and you will become immortal. This will give you all the abilities you need for a great gaming experience. God mode also gives you a new perspective on the game.