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counter blox cheat gui with aimbot
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Auto Aim (Aimbot)

This feature will let you aim at all your targets and fire accurately. It will scan the map for enemies or will take over once you spot them and aim your weapons in their direction. It will ensure the ammo hits the targets in their most vulnerable place, making it easier to kill them. You can thus kill more people in a shorter time, and your game will get more interesting.

Guns and C4

It is vital to be equipped while playing this game, and this feature will ensure you have everything you need to take on any enemy. The most important of these are guns and proper explosives.

Your inventory will be filled with all the essential items you need while playing the game. With an infinite supply of all gun modes, you can easily defeat any rival in the game. It will help you rank higher and become a better player in the game.


This feature offers you a great way of moving around without having to encounter any obstacles or enemies. You can choose any point on the map, and this feature will let you get there instantaneously.

Through teleportation, you will save time traveling, and you will get to places before all other players. This will let you gather all the great items before they do. Your player will always be ahead.

Unlock Skins

This feature will allow you to modify your player however much you want. You won’t have to purchase skins, as this feature will automatically unlock them for you. They will all be added to your inventory, and you can switch between them whenever you need to. This will make your player look great and different every time, making your gameplay more interesting.

Infinite Cash

You will need all the money you can get in the game as it will assist you in a wide range of activities. This feature will ensure you don’t have to spend time looking for enough money as it will get automatically credited into your account.

You can add as much money as you need, and you will spend it without worrying about it running out. You can make all the upgrades and acquire all the items you want to.

God Mode

This is one of the most interesting features of this script. Once configured, you will get great abilities that will let you perform numerous functions in the game.

You will withstand fall damages, and this will ensure your health bar is always full throughout the game. It will also make you immortal, and your health will not decrease whenever you are attacked by enemies. This will ensure you can play the game continuously without dying, and it allows you to reach higher levels in the game. You won’t have to replay different levels, and it will help you complete the game in a shorter time.

In God mode, you can also teleport from one area on the map to another. It offers a great way of moving around and allows you to escape from attacks easily.