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Blox Fruits script for Roblox
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Auto Chest

This feature has been created specifically to help you access the numerous chests in the game. There are hundreds of chests you find, and most are scattered all around the map. Getting to them can be quite hard and time-consuming. This could interfere with your playing experience and make it difficult to get the rewards they have to offer.

When you configure this script, it will assist you with everything you need about the chests. It will help you scan the map to find them. They will be added to your inventory, and you can easily access their content whenever you want to.

You won’t need to have chest keys to do this. This will let you accumulate more resources and rewards from the safes in a shorter while. It is very convenient and will ensure you have all the resources you need while playing the game.

The feature will also auto grab chests from your rivals and add them to your inventory. You will thus have more chests and more items than all your rivals. These chests will make your gameplay more interesting and will always keep you ahead of all the competition.