Roblox Ben 10: Universal Resembled OP Script

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Roblox Ben 10: Universal Resembled OP Scripts
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Script Features

Recalibrated Omnitrix

This feature will give you all the benefits of having the Omnitrix. It will be recalibrated to include all characters a gamer could want. It also becomes very easy to goggle, allowing you to switch between characters easily.


This feature gives you access to all the different antidotes for whenever you get hurt, or your health drains as you play the game. This will ensure your player is always healthy and ready to battle any enemy. You are also assured you will not die in the middle of the game. It is very convenient for a smooth continuation of the game.

Stack Omnitrix

There are tens of aliens you can add to your Omnitrix while playing the game. Some will, however, need a higher skill level or other parameters you may not have gotten yet. This feature lets you gather all these characters and add them easily without having to complete missions or spend your coins. You will have a wide range of characters o choose from, and it will make your game more interesting and captivating to play.