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Anime fighting simulator gameplay in Roblox
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Select Stats

This feature will select the different stats in the game and add them to your player. You won’t have to spend many hours playing the game to gather these vital stats to make your player more efficient as you continue with the game.

You can edit the different stats you would like your player to have and add them to the profile. This will make you more efficient in the game, and you can boost your points and rank immensely.

The stats can be configured individually, but they will all come together to make your player better than all the others.

Auto Farm

This feature comes in handy when you are looking for vital resources in the game. Since they are spread all over the map, you would have to spend many hours putting them together. This feature will assist you in farming for them.

It will look for all the best and most valuable items on the map and add them to your inventory. It will ensure you have enough items for smooth gameplay and will save you many hours you would have spent looking for these items.


This is a very convenient way of getting away from fights and defending yourself while playing the game. When this feature is configured, you can move around different points on the map conveniently. It is very reliable when you encounter enemies stronger than yourself, as it acts as a form of protection from these attacks.