Roblox Alchemy Online Gold & KN Farm Script

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Roblox Alchemy Online Gold & KN Farm Script

Alchemy Online Gold Farming Features

Gold Farm

This feature will automatically farm for gold coins throughout the map and add them to your inventory. This feature will ensure you have all the gold you need in a short while. You can now play the game without having to worry about your resources running out. You can also use the gold to make upgrades whenever needed and to get new items.

KN Farming

KN are important items when you want to obtain accessories in the game. They will supplement your gold, and in some cases, they are the only form of payment accepted.

This feature will give you more KNs in a shorter time through farming. It will look for these vital items all across the map and add them into your inventory. You can thus use them whenever you need to.

Semi-Auto Race Reroll

This feature will help you in looking for appropriate races to take part in. It will scout all the races happening and place you in one where you have better chances of winning. This feature helps you improve your ranking by winning more races.